In His Grip / by Jeffrey Waters

I hope you all are getting ready to have a great weekend.  If you weren't able to worship with us on Wednesday night, we missed you.  I hope to see you soon.   

Wednesday night we talked about how God encourages us and invites us to wrestle with Him.  From the story of Jacob wrestling with God in Genesis 32, we discussed how God humbles himself to a point of engaging with us in our struggles, and how through that process we find a clearer understanding of our identity.  Jacob was actually renamed in his wrestling with God to Israel, meaning the people who struggle with God. 

It is not in our natural behavior to feel comfortable wrestling with God.  We are often misled to believe we need to get things in order before we approach Him.  This is obviously not how God operates.   

I want to encourage you with one more thing.  Even if you don't feel comfortable with the idea of wrestling with God, just think about this...When you are wrestling with God, regardless of how comfortable you are, you are in the arms of your Father.  When we hear the phrase "in the arms of God," we usually envision a serene picture of rest and comfort.  However, being in God's arms can also be wrestling with him.  And even if you aren't comfortable, there's no place safer in this world than in God's arms.   

May you have a wonderful weekend and find the ability to rest in God's arms, one way or another.