Worship from the Heart / by Jeffrey Waters

Music is one of the best parts of my life. There's something about creating sound from my lips or finger tips that is very special to me. I've been a part of several bands throughout high school and college, mostly playing for entertainment, but music for worship is a completely different concept to grasp. Last semester, I realized that in my time playing music in a worship setting, not much of what was happening for me was really worship. After talking this out with some friends, I decided to take a few weeks off from playing in the worship band and refocus myself on what that time should actually be about. One night as I sat in the prayer room at the Ignite House, I wrote down what God revealed to me when I asked Him to show me truth. 

I realized that it's not about how cool I can make something sound. When it's about that, it's about me. Worship music is about how I can glorify God, and He can be glorified in my simplicity or complexity. So it's not about giving Him the best piece of music I can. Instead, it's about giving Him all of my heart. When I am able to worship God with my heart, worshiping God with music will not even have to be something that I choose to do. I won't have to decide to worship, because it'll just happen. God was overflowing with so much love that He couldn't help but create us. His love continued to burst at the seams even when we tarnished His perfect creation, so He couldn't help but recreate us through death on a cross. True worship is something that cannot be contained, but inevitably pours out of us from being filled with a love for God that comes from God. But this doesn't only apply to music. This applies to everything.

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." - 1 Corinthians 10:31

If art is your passion, then your artwork should be a result of love pouring out of your heart. This doesn't mean you have to sit around and paint pictures of the Last Supper and Angels all day, but maybe you give God the credit for your creativity and skill, being completely humbled knowing that whatever masterpiece you could possibly create, God's masterpiece far surpasses anything you could hope to achieve, and your heart is burning with a love that truly worships God. 

If your passion is science, then your studies on that should be an outpouring of your heart for God, too. And I'm not saying here that you should devote your scientific passion into proving the correct theory of how God created the Earth, but maybe you realize that whatever you learn about something is actually revealing more about who God is and how complex He operates in comparison to us, and this simply leaves you in awe of our great God. To think that He can make us out of microscopic atoms that begin simply as a fertilized egg! If God can do this, how much more can I trust Him with my heart? 

Maybe your passion is social work. And worshiping God through this is not that you're "converting" all the broken people to sit and wait on Jesus to solve all their problems, but it's recognizing that you are the hands and feet of Christ, and sharing in His love for all people, especially those that normally get neglected. You take action to provide care and love, the way Christ did when He walked the Earth. You listen to people that need to be heard, and you do all of these things because your heart is filled with the love of God.

Worship begins in the heart. Whatever action follows is just a consequence of already worshiping.

 - Justin Kinzinger