Ignite's 2017 Super Bowl Party caught the attention of a local student writer who came to the house and wrote a short article about the party. We had a lot of fun and appreciate the story being reported in the paper.


The news section of the school website wrote an article highlighting a few mission and service opportunities from campus ministries over spring break. Included was information about Ignite's trip to Memphis to work with SOSMemphis. Annaka Goodson provided perspective from her experience and some great insight into what it means to give your life in the service of others. Ignite is always interested in finding new ways we can serve the community or the world in an effort to live out the faith that we are called to as disciples of Jesus.

Each year, La Croix Church, Ignite's sponsoring church, host a food packing event called Feed My Starving Children in Cape Girardeau.  Volunteers from across the region serve together and Ignite students have regularly been involved in serving.  This provides a great opportunity for our small groups, which we call iFams, to spend some time before finals to live out their faith in a loving way.  The Southeast Arrow wrote an article describing the organization and the event.

Ignite offers a monthly event we call Supper Stories where we offer a free home-cooked meal and have the opportunity to listen to someone's personal story.  This is a chance to learn how our stories intersect with God's story in the world.  In Nov. 2015 we had the privilege of hosting Megan Boudreaux and the Southeast Arrow published a story covering her visit.



The Southeast Arrow wanted to write an article in response to Ignite's Mission work. Although some of the "facts" or quotes aren't completely accurate, we appreciate the story and the recognition of what we're trying to do and how we're trying to grow.


"The Missouri Methodist" magazine published an article in their August 2014 edition (pp. 8-9) highlighting the ministry of Ignite on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.


The local newspaper, The Southeast Missourian, wanted to publish an article about Ignite.  You can check out "Free Spirit" online.