Ignite Leadership//


Ignite would not exist without the work of our student leaders. 

Every student on leadership at Ignite agrees to live by a standard of integrity, holiness, and commitment to Christ.  Not only are they entrusted with certain responsibilities and areas of leadership, but they are also being invested in and challenged in their own spiritual growth.  As people who are trying to follow Christ, we believe that being transformed into the image of Christ is our highest calling.  Subsequently, we hope and believe that participating as a leader for Ignite will help any student mature into Christlikeness.  Therefore, we add new leaders each semester.  If you are interested in being a student leader at Ignite, please contact Jeffrey or one of our staff for more information.   

Our student leadership team for the 2019 Fall semester includes:


Alex Fogelbach

Catherine Hemenway

Chase Sheldon

Cole Andrews

Fan Hanming

Hannah Jackson

Katie Dains

Marlee Russell

Nate Renaud

Nathan Higgins

Seth Tanner

Tierney Stuart